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Feb 13


Osfoora is a fast and clean twitter client that gives you easy access to all of twitter’s functionalities. Osfoora features an elegant and clean Home screen that lets you access most functionalities in a single touch. With an elegant user interface, multiple account support, optional full landscape mode (customizable), and more, using twitter becomes a joy!


Site: http://www.osfoora.com


_ Multiple account support with easy management.
_ Home screen for fast access to twitter functionalities.
_ Full landscape support (Configurable).
_ Easily explore and manage your twitter timeline, mentions, messages, favorites, lists, and more.
_ Informative timeline, indicates Retweets, Conversations, Faves, own posts, read/unread all inline.
_ Advanced attachment manager, attach multiple photos and videos at once to a single message.
_ Twitlonger support.
_ Insert recent/new hash tags, and recent contacts view.
_ Advanced drafts manager.
_ Support for native retweets and normal RT mode.
_ Customize your twitter profile, change avatar, personal info.
_ Excellent user profile viewer, save and fully view profile images, user location on Map, more.
_ Lists support, View/Add/Delete/Edit.
_ Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Lists.
_ Add/Remove users to your own lists.
_ View your Retweets, Retweets of others, and your tweets that have been Retweeted.
_ View Geotagged tweets, also GeoTag your own tweets.
_ View/Save/Remove Search terms with auto synchronization to twitter.
_ Nearby Search, Map View and Lists.
_ Full Trends support, recent trends, today’s trends, this week’s trends!
_ Public timeline accesible from home screen.
_ Translate tweets.
_ Seamless Instapaper integration.
_ Url shortnening with bitly and tinyURL.
_ Support for custom bitly logins and API keys.
_ Upload photos with yfrog and twitpic.
_ Upload videos to yfrog and vidly.
_ See Conversations between friends.
_ Direct messages with Conversation support.
_ InApp browser, email, image viewer.
_ Choose between Light or Dark Theme.
_ Delete tweets, Block users, report as Spam.
_ Customize Font size, refresh rate.
_ and much more.

**Includes: icons by Joseph Wain / glyphish.com

Oct 01

Landscape Tweeting


V 2.3 just approved, should show up on iTunes shortly. This update includes:

  1. Full Spanish and Arabic Interface.
  2. Fix for the “is” at the start of a Facebook status. This is now optional.


This update is up live on iTunes.

I just uploaded an update for ”Landscape Tweeting!”. This update is pretty significant and includes the following:

- Search.
- Trending Topics.
- Themes in 6 various colors.
- Adjustable Font size.
- Added yfrog image uploads.
- Shortening URLs via tinyurl.
- Control auto refresh times.
- Huge user interface update.
- New user profile view.
- Faster access to links.
- Delete your messages.
- Images are now viewable offline.
- Mark messages as favorite.
- Fixed stability issues.
- Fixed connection issues.

- More…


Common Purchases

Common Purchases iPhone/iPod Touch App is live on iTunes.

Common Purchases is built around the fact that most of our purchases are repetitive and similar. Whenever you buy a small cup of coffee from Starbucks, all you need to do is click a button to add it to your purchases. No need to re-enter the information every time you make that purchase.

√ Common Purchases lets you create your own customizable items/categories with a simple elegant interface. Once you create your item with a name, default price and a customizable image (From your photo library, Camera, or use one of the bundled icons in the App). After that, with 2 clicks you have your purchase stored. Of course you have the option to do any necessary adjustments at the time of purchase if you desire so.

√ Have you ever forgot where you made a purchase and want to look up the location of a purchase? Common Purchases lets you view the location of your purchase on Google Maps within the App itself! You can treat items as categories or a single common item. It has never been faster or easier to track your purchases on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

√ Track your deposits too. With an elegant interface you can add fast deposits, and if you like, attach an image with your deposit (e.g. image of a check).

√ You can view all your purchases & deposits through an easy & gorgeous interface. Filter them by a specific date, month or item/category name.

√ Common purchases also provides with nice and simple to view reports on your Balance. With a beautiful bar graph you can view your balance summarized weekly, monthly, or yearly.


- Add/Delete/Modify your own customizable items/categories.

- Instant purchases using the built in ‘Fast Purchase Item’.

- View/Delete Purchases.

- Filter Purchases via day, month, item name.

- View detailed information about your purchases.

- Look up your purchases on Google Maps within the App itself.

- Add/Delete Deposits.

- Filter Deposits via day or month.

- Attach your own custom images to your deposits (e.g. Checks)

- Preview attached Deposit Images in their full size.

- Email attached deposit images.

- View Reports in a beautiful bar graph by week, month or year.

- Fast preview of purchases, deposits, and reports via easy to access Next/Previous buttons.

- Export your transactions as CSV files. You can export purchases separately from Deposits.

- Secure the App via PIN number.

- Choose from a number of popular Currency Symbols.

- Ability to clear all your transactions.- Instructions Included within the App.

This is by far the easiest & fastest way to track your expenses and deposits. Not to mention one of the most elegant user interfaces available.

Please send me feedback via twitter @saidmarouf I provide instant responses to all users at any time.

*Uses the great Glyphish icon set by Joseph Wain. http://glyphish.com/

Sep 23

Top Gear Is Finally Going High Definition! -

Unlike last time, it is now official that the next season of Top Gear will be in HD!

That means all the races, supercars sliding from left to right of your telly screens and the boys’ comedic…

Top Gear Back November 15th? -

On the BBC’s Internet Blog’s post about Top Gear airing in HD this fall, the author mentioned the start date as being November 15th. Is it true? It’s hard to be sure as usually we don’t know this…

Sep 17

Top Gear Season 13 Torrent -

I realized I never made a single torrent for Top Gear season 13, so I’ve done so now. If you’ve yet to watch season 13 (what in the world were you thinking?!), then you can easily download it

Sep 10

New FinalGear T-Shirts Now Available In Our Store! -

Our third batch of shirts are now available for pre-order in our new store (orders will be shipped soon). We also have a couple leftovers from the first and second batches, so get them before…

Sep 08

New FinalGear T-Shirts Now Available In Our Store! -

Our third batch of shirts are now available for pre-order in our new store (orders will be shipped soon). We also have a couple leftovers from the first and second batches, so get them before…

Sep 06

Outtakes From Top Gear Season 13 -

If you don’t subscribe to the Top Gear newsletter or missed the latest issue, here’s some outtakes from the latest season of Top Gear.

Sep 01

Andy Wilman Interviewed On The Radio -

From the Top Gear blog:

Here’s something for the proper Top Gear fan — our executive producer Andy Wilman at the Edinburgh Festival talking about the telly show.

It was a Five Live interview…